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As the operator of a construction or promotions business in Benicia, California, are you searching for a way to ensure the security of your gear and the safety of individuals on your property? Kerneli Temporary Fencing can make sure that your temporary fencing needs are fulfilled in Benicia, CA. Our rent a fence company helps everyone from the smallest of promotion companies to the building contractor who needs to rent a fence for each of their individual job sites in Benicia. Our Benicia company also offers various types of fencing, which include in-ground in addition to panel fencing, so we always have the perfect choice for any type of property. If you want us to get started in assisting with your temporary fencing needs, make sure you call us at 800-648-5940 today.


What Concerns Can Rental Fences Solve in Benicia, CA?

You do not want to have your development team in Benicia, CA pour their heart and soul into constructing a customer’s perfect home only for your crew to arrive back a day later and find it has been badly vandalized. In a similar fashion, you likely want to have a way to block off certain areas from attendees at a show or festival if you are a promoter. Securing your property and protecting other people are two things that will result from the use of rent a fence. We also have privacy screens as well as barbed wire that could be added to the temporary fence rental.

Fence Rental Made Easy in Benicia, CA

We realize that you are likely searching for the temporary fencing rental company that is the easiest to work with that still offers competitive pricing. Fortunately for you, we offer fast temporary fencing delivery and the most competitive rates because we want to take care of all of our customers. In conjunction with making the temporary fencing rental delivery as quick as possible, we also make certain that we are not delivering a rental fence to your location until we are certain it is the best choice for you.

Unless you have some superhuman ability to monitor your Benicia, CA property 24/7, temporary fence will be one of the best investments you will ever experience. We can guarantee that we have the ideal rent a fence to meet your needs, so you will never be rushing around at the last minute waiting on the fence. If you wish to keep people as safe as possible and ensure that none of your gear walks off with a thief, call us today at 800-648-5940 to discuss your temporary fencing demands.

Temporary Fencing Frequently Asked questions in Benicia, CA

What Are Your Temporary Fencing Choices in Benicia, CA?

The two primary temporary fencing options we offer in Benicia, California are in-ground and panel.

How Much Notice Should I Give When I Wish to Rent a Fence in Benicia, CA?

We typically need two or three days to set up your rent a fence requirements within Benicia, CA since we want to ensure that we have the ideal option for you in stock. Needless to say, there are many instances where we are able to have your temporary fencing ready quicker.

Will Your Temporary Fencing Business Set Up My Fence?

Yes, all you have to do is provide us with the perimeter dimensions for where you would like the fence to be positioned and tell our staff where to place it. When you select our in-ground rent a fence, our staff will even take care of the dirty task of inserting the posts into the ground.

Who Utilizes Temporary Fencing in Benicia?

Everyone from construction company proprietors to promotion companies in Benicia do business with our temporary fencing company on a daily basis.

How Much Will it Cost to Rent a Fence in Benicia, CA

Our pricing in Benicia is based largely upon the type of fence you select, whether or not you choose to add a privacy screen or barbed wire and the fence’s measurements, but we are priced extremely fairly. Call us at 800-648-5940 to get a temporary fencing quote based upon your needs.

What Additional Temporary Fencing Options Do You Offer?

Absolutely, we offer barbed wire along with privacy screens to add a new dimension of security for your property. To help keep the area as secure as possible while still supplying easy accessibility for those with authorization to enter, we can also add a gate.

Which Temporary Fencing Should I Pick?

Many of our customers find themselves clueless when it comes to determining the best type of temporary fencing for their demands. The in-ground solutions are great for long-term projects, such as a week-long festival or construction work. If you would like the maximum freedom and you only plan on keeping the fence for a few days or so, a panel fence might be the better option. If you would like further assistance with selecting the right size of fence for your needs, call [NAME OF COMPANY at 800-648-5940 at this time.

What if I Wish to Keep the Temporary Fencing For a Longer Time than Anticipated?

Based upon their individual needs, they may keep the temporary fencing for somewhere between a weekend and several months. Some of our customers have the initial intention of only keeping the rent a fence for a few weeks and end up needing it much longer, so they just send us very reasonable monthly payments.